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6 methods to learn to draw hands step by step

All professional animators, illustrators, and character designers always bear in mind that our hands are responsible for the expression and personality of our drawings. Muscles, joints, bones, there are many elements that must be taken into account, to give it all the credibility and personality that a part of our body as important as this one needs. So, let’s give it the importance it deserves.

This is very important. Not even the best tutorial or the best tools can make you learn to draw. Learn to draw by drawing, although it seems obvious, you should never forget this premise. For example, if you want to learn to draw hands, also learn how to draw baby hands, hands holding objects, hands in foreshortening and different positions, women’s hands, the elderly, etc.

Definitely; Get a good library of hands to draw, even take photos of yours with twisted positions, and don’t be afraid to exercise with different types of hands, techniques, or styles. The world is full of referrals and spending hours is the best way to do it. In any case, if you want to learn how to draw hands, here are 6 methods with tutorials to get started. If you also want to dedicate yourself to this in a professional way, buy a Wacom Cintiq, and do not forget to visit our collection of tutorials.

By the way, before continuing I invite you to visit our article How to make a Portfolio . 11 basic tips when making a good portfolio, in which we include some examples of professional portfolios.

1. How to Draw Hands with Thin Stripe Frames

A tutorial by Marcos Raya Delgado, an expert illustrator and concept artist, founder of the website Space where drawing lovers can find truly practical resources to learn to draw practically anything.

2. How to draw hands with the easiest and most effective technique that exists

Few ways to draw hands are as simple as this one that Live and Fun Art brings us. A YouTube channel to learn to draw and paint, from the renowned artist and teacher José Manuel Gallego. If you want to learn to draw hands in a simple way, here is a very good tutorial on how to draw hands step by step

3. Learning to draw | How to draw hands

Art Fun. One of the best channels I know to learn to draw. You will learn step by step how to draw realistic hands. You will learn tips to draw the fingers, folds, and wrinkles of the hand, wrist, and nails. One of the simplest techniques in drawing hands😉

4. How to Draw Hands. Mili Koey Tutorials

The Youtuber Mili Koey gives us some basic tips to draw hands in a really easy way. This is another of those channels to learn to draw that I highly recommend, especially if you have just started. A channel is full of tutorials, which can also be very useful to improve your drawings. Quick tutorials, simple explanations.

5. How to draw hands with a simple method for Beginners

If you do not have great artistic knowledge and are looking for a simple method, Leo Meza’s portal brings us this tutorial on how to draw hands for beginners. As he suggests, learning the basics first and then increasing the difficulty can be less frustrating. I recommend that you never limit yourself to trying just one method. Only by experiencing all the possibilities can you find your way of drawing.

6. Tricks to Draw Hands By Kaos.

Surely many of you know Kaos, one of the most famous Spanish-speaking Youtuber cartoonists on the web. In this tutorial, the artist proposes 10 tricks, tips, or tips for drawing hands. Fantastic. Before starting the tutorial, I recommend that you take a pencil and paper and start drawing everything you learn.

7. Books to learn to draw hands

One last recommendation. Here you have a compilation with some of the best books to learn how to draw a realistic hand in Spanish and very cheap. The first of them, by Burne Hogarth, and although it is in English, it is probably the best of all.

Animation cartoon making tips for beginners

The animation is the art of bringing to life an inanimate object or an illustrated or 3D generated character. It is created by rapidly projecting sequenced images, one after another, to create the illusion of life. But that’s not the first thing you think of when you hear the word Animation, is it? The most important part of all that is the word life. Giving life is the true essence of the animator’s work. And there are many ways to do it. It could be drawing. It could be moving the rigs of the characters in 3D software. It could be with puppets, characters, or figures cut out.

The Five Best Anime Movies for Little Kids

In animation, the Japanese are one of the most famous and successful for mixing the old with the modern. The years go by and they never make a move from 2D to 3D, but instead mix different elements within the same canvas. In this list, we will see the highlights of the five best anime movies for little kids that marked a before and after in the world of anime. Let’s get started!

The best anime movies from the Netflix catalog to watch while you work or study

Netflix recently released Altered Carbon: Resleeved, an original film for the platform that adds to its catalog of anime films. As a result of this and in the middle of the quarantine for the Coronavirus, it is time to take a look at this catalog and see those animated films that you had not paid much attention to before.

  1. Batman Ninja (2018)

Do you know Bruce Wayne? That super serious rich man who decides to face his childhood traumas by becoming a superhero and beating everyone up? Well now imagine him in an anime, with a sword and a samurai suit. The action is good, but just seeing a character like Batman in this context makes it something to see.

  1. Godzilla: Planet of Monsters (2017)

Movies about giant monsters can never go wrong. They can get a mediocre script, but the giant bug action scenes make anything entertaining. Here, in the distant future, some humans return to Earth to reclaim their planet occupied by gigantic monsters. Godzilla is incredible with the limits of live-action, imagine in an anime. Keep reading sites like omegle.

  1. Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution (2019)

Pokémon is one of those animated series that never disappoints. It is a classic from the childhood of millennials, centennials, and even other generations. The rules, the origin, and the characters we all know, therefore we do not need as much information before seeing this production. Also, it’s never too late to see a story about Mewtwo, one of the best Pokémon of all time.

  1. Our Name (2016)

One of the best love movies you can find in the Netflix catalog, without a doubt. Taki and Mitsuha’s bodies are constantly being exchanged and, once they accept this reality, they begin to communicate through messages. To cry, get emotional, remember old stories, suffer.

  1. My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

This is another of the film classics, and especially anime, that we have to enjoy in the Netflix catalog. The 1988 movie doesn’t feel out of date when we watch it from 2020 and tells a very sweet story about family and friendship. It is a multi-award-winning film that perhaps many of us do not remember when we saw it as children and that the youngest need to know.

  1. Spirited Away (2001)

Speaking of animated classics, here’s another one. The feature film released in 2001 became the highest-grossing film in the history of Japanese cinema and surpassed the exclusive success of the genre, becoming a cult film. It is a production that we need to present to those under 15 years of age, they need to see it yes or yes.

  1. Akira (1988)

One of the films that transcend its genre and become a classic of cinema in general. So much so that a project to make a live-action production is underway. In the original film, the power of young telepath causes in the city and only his best friend, a tough motorcyclist, is able to stop him. Action, science fiction, friendship, motorcycles, everything you are looking for.

  1. Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This is another story that left the genre and even became a live-action movie starring Scarlett Johansson, nothing more, nothing less. His photography is impressive and he has a super crazy and interesting story, especially to see in the world we live in today. The original film is much better than its live adaptation.

5 best romantic anime movies

Summer vacations are over, so having one or two activities planned will avoid hours of boredom, even if we are talking about a list of series or movies. Continuing our previous review of anime series of the romantic genre, this time we will present something more suitable for moviegoers, who will not be bothered by a scene or two of confessions wrapped in drama.

You will already know that in the Japanese animation industry saying ” romance ” does not always imply that something is 100% pink, on some occasions, we will find elements intermingled with genres of fantasy, adventure, mystery, even suspense, or the classics’ Shounen ‘and’ Shoujo ‘; but they can be sure that the sweetness will be present at some point in the production. Next, we present our top – with productions already released and others about to hit the big screen -:

  1. Howl’s moving castle

If we talk about contemporary classics, and more when it comes to Studio Ghibli, the romance comes in doses that recall times of yesteryear, but with the characteristic magical elements that fill the environment with spells and potions not always with love, but that will surely lead to finding it on the way.

‘Howl’s Moving Castle ‘ tells us precisely the journey of a young wizard, who escaping from his destiny (and the spell of an enraged lover), finds his way thanks to Sophie, a girl who has become an old woman. Throughout the journey, our protagonists will find in their company what they individually lacked. Something strong enough to break the devastating effects of the most terrible curse. Certainly a Ghibli- worthy title.

Fun fact: It is interesting that this story is not original from the animation studio, rather it is an adaptation of the literary work of the writer Diana Wynne Jones, who completed the magical saga with the sequels: ‘ Castle in the Air ‘ and ‘ House of Many Ways ‘.

  1. Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name)

‘ Kimi no Na Wa ‘ is on the lists of best-animated film productions in recent years. It even ranks as the 12th foreign animated film that has collected the highest international earnings; Additionally, it received several awards not only in Japan but globally for the ” best animation ” of 2016.

The story introduces us to two young people: a girl who lives in a rural place and a young man who lives in the city; When one day, for reasons of destiny, they find themselves in the other’s body, both will try to discover who the other is, and while their communications (through notes) become more casual and the initial impression diminishes, a romance as is not known. They hoped it will start to emerge.

‘ Your Name ‘ shows that in love there are no distances or times that cannot be traveled, even against all logic.

  1. Hotarubi no Mori e (Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light)

Romance not only arises in normal circumstances but also in the wildest fantasies it can start something magical.

This story, inspired by Yuki Midorikawa’s manga, takes us into the life of Hotaru Takegawa, a little girl who spends most of her childhood in her grandfather’s house; However, the young woman’s fate changes when she gets lost in a forest. Where she meets a ‘ Youkai ‘ spirit named Gin.

Since then, each summer Hotaru visits Gin in the woods, and with each interaction. As well as the years, the two forge a friendship that eventually turns into love.

Fun Fact: ‘ Hotarubi no Mori e ‘ was awarded the ‘ Best Picture ‘ award during the ‘ 66th Mainichi Awards ‘ in Japan.

  1. Kimi To, Nami Ni Noretara (Ride Your Wave)

‘ Ride Your Wave ‘ narrates the encounter between a young woman named Hinako, who loves to surf, and a firefighter named Minato. Both young people live adventures together and end up falling in love; However, Minato dies during a tragic fire, and in his desolation. Hinako discovers that she can bring him back if she sings a song about their memories together. But she will only be able to see her reflection on any water surface.

Fun fact: ‘ Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara ‘ received a deserved nomination for ‘best-animated film ‘ at the Shanghai Film Festival, which presented the ‘ Golden Goblet ‘ award on June 15th.

  1. Tenki no Ko (Weathering with You)

Everything seems to indicate that ‘ Tenki no Ko: Weathering With You ‘ is one of the blockbuster movies that brings to the international scene, not only for its impeccable animation and composition. But for the charming story that introduces us on a magical journey of two young people with enigmatic skills.

So if you like romance with a “ climatic ” twist, accompanied by some incredible graphics.

Top 10 anime movies on Netflix

Netflix is increasingly betting on Japanese anime, to the point of becoming (with the permission of Crunchyroll) the platform with the highest quality content from Japan. Iconic series such as ‘ Cowboy Bebop ‘ or ‘ Fullmetal Alchemist ‘ demonstrates that it is a unique service for fans of the genre, but in cinema, it is even more relevant.

The most powerful Dragon Ball characters!

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular franchises on the planet. Akira Toriyama’s creation has millions of fans around the world who are delighted with their favorite characters’ adventures.

Over the years, the franchise introduced us to various Dragon Ball characters, who put them into epic battles, resulting in genuinely memorable displays of power.

These are the 5 best anime movies on Amazon Prime Video

From Dragon Ball Super: Broly to A Silent Voice; a review of the best anime movies on Amazon Prime Video

The anime annually has a large number of new contributions to its catalog of works, most of which arrive in weekly anime format. However, some important exponents shine on the big screen, and with great success as well. So, after carrying out a similar exercise for Netflix, this time we will make a selection regarding what we believe are the best anime movies that we can find on Amazon Prime Video.

The 8 best anime-based games

From the pages of the best Japanese animation, we take advantage of the launch of One Piece World Seeker and shortly before Jump Force, to bring you a review of the best anime adaptations to video games.

The 10 best anime based on video games

Like close cousins, animes and video games share a bond that often leads them to find themselves in each other’s shoes. Sometimes animated series become video games and sometimes video games become anime. During the last decade (2010-2019), the adaptations have multiplied and have done their best to transform this last column into a successful series and avoid the failures of the other adaptations.

The best anime music you can’t miss

If there is a genre in the world of anime that gives a lot to talk about, it is precisely the musical. Although the series offer is not as great as shounen and other genres very closely followed, we will always have great series in mind to mention and that, without a doubt, will remain in our trunk of good memories. In this article, we will show you the most popular and best anime music that you should not miss. So, find your best hearing aids and dive with us!

Who is the best villain in anime history?

The world of anime is one that, depending on the genre, is characterized by a wide variety of components. However, what most works usually coincide in is having a protagonist and antagonist, making the latter make the hero’s adventure a much more complex one to complete.

Best seinen anime of the new era

The Seinen (which in Japanese means “adult man”) is a type of anime intended, generally, for male people over 18 years of age, usually between 20 and 40 on average.

The seinen animes often address complex issues and dilemmas in real adult life, which makes them unsuitable for children. Also, they are riddled with scenes with erotic content and physical and psychological violence.

Who is the best anime protagonist? We review all the characters

Every great anime usually has a great protagonist, and today we seek to define the most interesting of all these.

The anime industry is very rich in universes, and it is that we can find from day-to-day contexts such as those of “Oregairu” to the purest fantasy of “Dragon Ball”. Likewise, every good story lacks the main character who knows how to carry the weight of it, and today we seek to determine another great question in the history of anime: who is the best protagonist of all?

Best shounen anime

The shounen genre is, without a doubt, one of the most successful within the anime classification. Although it is mainly aimed at young men, its themes and its fun and action-packed style end up appealing to all kinds of audiences. This list will talk a bit about what is already known in the genre, like the classics we’ve all seen, but we’ll also consider the MyAnimeList score to rank the best shounen anime and preferred by fans and critics of the genre. Let us begin!

Best summer anime for all time

Summer is coming, and with it come anime series fresh from the oven. Here we tell you everything we know about most of the Japanese animation series on best summer anime that premiere this season. Series that do not have a specific date will be released during July.

Bleach Music

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