The Five Best Anime Movies for Little Kids

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The Five Best Anime Movies for Little Kids

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In animation, the Japanese are one of the most famous and successful for mixing the old with the modern. The years go by and they never make a move from 2D to 3D, but instead mix different elements within the same canvas. In this list, we will see the highlights of the five best anime movies for little kids that marked a before and after in the world of anime. Let’s get started!

Five best anime movies for little kids

For lots of the anime movies, we have selected the 5 best anime movies for little kids. Let’s see them below:

Akira (1988)

Genre: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Horror, Supernatural, Seinen

Premiere: July 16, 1988

Director: Otomo Katsuhiro

After an explosion in Tokyo caused by a young psychic sparked World War III in 2019, a restored version of the city, known as Neo-Tokyo, is rife with gang violence and anti-government terrorism.

In this place, Shoutaro Kaneda is the leader of “the Capsules,” a group of misfits known for riding huge custom motorcycles and in perennial conflict with their rivals, “the Clowns.”

During one of these fights, Shoutaro’s best friend, Tetsuo Shima, suffers an accident after encountering an individual with supernatural powers who escaped from a government institution. During this encounter, Tetsuo discovers hidden abilities that he begins to develop. The government seeks to quarantine him to prevent the power that once destroyed the city from wreaking havoc again.

Your Name (2016)

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Drama, School

Release: August 26, 2016

Director: Makoto Shinkai

Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana are two sides of the same coin. Mitsuha is a country girl who has always dreamed of moving to a prosperous city unknown to her. At the same time, Taki is a dedicated and hardworking student who dreams of having a future architecture. Their daily lives are interrupted when Mitsuha wakes up in a room that is not hers and discovers that she is living her dream: she is in Tokyo.

But when she sees herself in the mirror, she realizes that already She is not herself, but a young man she does not know (Taki). On the other hand, Taki gets the same surprise. They both have to deal with not interfering too much in each other’s lives and trying to make sure their loved ones don’t notice the exchange, but to resolve the mishap they are in, they must first find each other.

Spirited Away (2001)

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Supernatural

Release: July 20, 2001

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Chihiro Ogino is a spoiled, stubborn, and innocent girl who is not so interested in the amusement park that her parents discover during their move. When Chihiro begins to notice that the place is not what it seems at nightfall, it is already very late: she is alone because her parents turned into pigs when they ate a banquet that did not correspond to them.

She and her family inadvertently moved to the spirit world, and now the little girl must try to live with these beings and gain their trust if she wants them to help her save her family and make sure they all come out unharmed.

Perfect Blue (1997)

Genre: Drama, Psychological Terror, Dementia

Premiere: February 28, 1998

Director: Satoshi Kon

The group of Idols, J-pop CHAM! He has gained fame among his fans and followers for two years, but good things always come to an end. One group member, the young Mima Kirigoe, decides to leave the group to become an actress. This decision proves to be challenging for the girl, as her life takes an unexpected turn once she leaves her group.

Trying to leave her good girl image behind, she accepts a role in a crime drama and her job becomes increasingly demanding for her and her manager, Rumi Hidaka. But as if this were not enough, Mima has an obsessive stalker who does not accept that the girl left her idol image behind.

The group she left seems to do much better without her. An anonymous website begins to steal her identity in an overly detailed way. All this, coupled with stress, makes Mima lose the distinction between fantasy and reality and puts her mental and physical health at risk.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release: July 12, 1994

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

After saving an Emishi village from a demonic boar, Prince Ashitaka’s arm is cursed by the creature, giving him demonic powers but reducing life every time he uses them. Ashitaka decides to seek a cure, but on his journey, he encounters the conflict in the city of Hierro, where the lady Eboshi wants to urbanize the town, but this will deforest the forest and threaten the lives of the creatures that live there.

The holy spirits are enraged at the destruction of humans to have brought them, and Princess San is their spokesperson. Ashitaka tries to find harmony between both sides while fighting with the demonic power that is slowly consuming him.

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