6 methods to learn to draw hands step by step

6 methods to learn to draw hands step by step

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All professional animators, illustrators, and character designers always bear in mind that our hands are responsible for the expression and personality of our drawings. Muscles, joints, bones, there are many elements that must be taken into account, to give it all the credibility and personality that a part of our body as important as this one needs. So, let’s give it the importance it deserves.

This is very important. Not even the best tutorial or the best tools can make you learn to draw. Learn to draw by drawing, although it seems obvious, you should never forget this premise. For example, if you want to learn to draw hands, also learn how to draw baby hands, hands holding objects, hands in foreshortening and different positions, women’s hands, the elderly, etc.

Definitely; Get a good library of hands to draw, even take photos of yours with twisted positions, and don’t be afraid to exercise with different types of hands, techniques, or styles. The world is full of referrals and spending hours is the best way to do it. In any case, if you want to learn how to draw hands, here are 6 methods with tutorials to get started. If you also want to dedicate yourself to this in a professional way, buy a Wacom Cintiq, and do not forget to visit our collection of tutorials.

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1. How to Draw Hands with Thin Stripe Frames

A tutorial by Marcos Raya Delgado, an expert illustrator and concept artist, founder of the website DibujosBien.com. Space where drawing lovers can find truly practical resources to learn to draw practically anything.

2. How to draw hands with the easiest and most effective technique that exists

Few ways to draw hands are as simple as this one that Live and Fun Art brings us. A YouTube channel to learn to draw and paint, from the renowned artist and teacher José Manuel Gallego. If you want to learn to draw hands in a simple way, here is a very good tutorial on how to draw hands step by step

3. Learning to draw | How to draw hands

Art Fun. One of the best channels I know to learn to draw. You will learn step by step how to draw realistic hands. You will learn tips to draw the fingers, folds, and wrinkles of the hand, wrist, and nails. One of the simplest techniques in drawing hands?

4. How to Draw Hands. Mili Koey Tutorials

The Youtuber Mili Koey gives us some basic tips to draw hands in a really easy way. This is another of those channels to learn to draw that I highly recommend, especially if you have just started. A channel is full of tutorials, which can also be very useful to improve your drawings. Quick tutorials, simple explanations.

5. How to draw hands with a simple method for Beginners

If you do not have great artistic knowledge and are looking for a simple method, Leo Meza’s portal brings us this tutorial on how to draw hands for beginners. As he suggests, learning the basics first and then increasing the difficulty can be less frustrating. I recommend that you never limit yourself to trying just one method. Only by experiencing all the possibilities can you find your way of drawing.

6. Tricks to Draw Hands By Kaos.

Surely many of you know Kaos, one of the most famous Spanish-speaking Youtuber cartoonists on the web. In this tutorial, the artist proposes 10 tricks, tips, or tips for drawing hands. Fantastic. Before starting the tutorial, I recommend that you take a pencil and paper and start drawing everything you learn.

7. Books to learn to draw hands

One last recommendation. Here you have a compilation with some of the best books to learn how to draw a realistic hand in Spanish and very cheap. The first of them, by Burne Hogarth, and although it is in English, it is probably the best of all.

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