9 most famous animated characters in history

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9 most famous animated characters in history

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The endearing Mickey Mouse, the controversial and at the same time beloved Homer Simpson or Goku are some of the animated characters that have marked our lives.

There are several animation characters that have accompanied us in the different stages of our life. Some of them have even left an indelible mark on society that will pass from generation to generation as has happened until now. That is why from Epik we have wanted to collect some of the most famous animation characters that we are sure already have a guaranteed place in your heart.

1. Mickey Mouse

Without a doubt, the most famous and beloved animated character in the whole world. This doll has accompanied us all since we were very young and whenever we see it, it brings us wonderful memories. Mickey Mouse, who was initially baptized as Mortimer, was created by Walt Disney on a train trip in 1927.

2. Homer Simpson

This character came into our lives in 1989 when one of the most famous animated fictions of all time was released: ‘The Simpsons’. A most peculiar type who is always surrounded by controversy and, despite this, has assured the affection of all the followers of this series.

3. Goku

He is the most famous manga character of all time. While some experts claim that its flashing colors are harmful to eyesight, this has not prevented Goku from being one of the animated characters preferred by a large number of people. His story has won millions of followers.

4. The pink panther

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It was in 1964 when this unique character appeared for the first time thanks to a film that bears the same name by title. His impact on viewers was so great that it cost him the Oscar for a best animated short film. Years later, specifically in the eighties, ‘The Pink Panther’ became an animated series.

5. Pedro Flintstone

Unforgettable the adventures of Pedro Flintstone with his friend Pablo Mármol. ‘The Flintstones’, the series produced by Hanna-Barbera, is one of the most important as well as the most broadcast worldwide.

6. Bugs Bunny

The most sympathetic and well-known rabbit in the world of animation, and one of the greatest achievements of Warner Bros. He won an Oscar and, despite being born in the 30s, he adapted to the marketing tactics of the 90s

7. Tom and Jerry

Created in late 1939, this pair of animals won an Oscar in 1941 for the short film Puss Gets The Boot; later, they began to gain fame for being transmitted in the animated series of Hanna Barbera.

8. Mafalda

She was born on June 15, 1962. She is a little girl who cares about humanity and world peace, she likes the Beatles and the Mad Bird, and her favorite food is pancakes. He hates soup and during the cartoon, he is only 6 years old.

9. Naruto

He is a hyperactive teenage ninja and his great desire is to become Hokage, the highest grade ninja in his village. Naruto is the 5th best-selling manga in the history of Japan, with more than 89 million copies.


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