Ideal Combination: 3 Reasons To Implement Animation In Digital Marketing!

Animation In Digital Marketing

Ideal Combination: 3 Reasons To Implement Animation In Digital Marketing!

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Many agencies, companies, or brands think about it a lot before implementing it, but it is important that you start to think about whether to add animated videos to your publication grid that explain your product much better and increase your sales. In this article we want to teach you to create an ideal combination between your typical content and animated videos, we will tell you how with: Ideal combination: 3 reasons to implement animation in digital marketing!

Here we give you the reasons:

1. Animated Videos Tell The Story Better

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And if we add background music, sound effects, and a good voice to the image, the result can be much better. More and more brands are betting on animated videos, due to their power to excite and convince people. Thanks to its audiovisual resources (music, characters, sound effects, speech, etc.), it is easier to get your audience to immerse themselves in the story you want to tell.

2. They Are Easier To Understand

If it is about explaining a procedure to your clients or informing them about the benefits of your products, using animated videos is the best option. It is proven that people improve their retention capacity by 40% when information is provided visually and audibly.

3. They Transmit Information Quickly

Reading a 500-word article can take a few minutes. A video can condense that information and provide the user in less than a minute. In addition to being entertaining to watch, an animated video can generate many more reactions than a thousand words written and ready to read.

The Publishing Platform Also Plays An Important Role

Before broadcasting a video, or even before creating it, think about the platform you will use. If we speak in terms of social networks, Instagram and Facebook are excellent platforms to explain, show or demonstrate that your product is too good. If we refer to audiovisual interaction platforms, YouTube and Vimeo are an excellent bridge to share knowledge and products with other people, more specifically to a more diverse audience but, think about the number of people who use this platform all day, the results they will be gigantic.

We hope this article has helped you to change your idea about the implementation of animated videos to your social networks or digital marketing strategy. At here we recommend that you apply the 3 tips without blinking and you will see how your product will reach your niche and, perhaps, other more diverse ones and increase your sales.

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