How technology has changed our lives: discover its influence

technology has changed our lives

How technology has changed our lives: discover its influence

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The irruption of innovative elements has always meant changes in people’s lives. Since the Industrial Revolution, each generation has had to face new challenges, equipment, and uses of technology to which they were not used. But all of them have led to improvements in the quality of life.

Technology has changed our daily lives, especially in recent years with the spread of Internet use, both at home and at a professional level. Now we can perform all kinds of tasks online that until a few years ago seemed unimaginable. Technology has come to change everything, but what are the most important changes that we have had to face? We see the most interesting below.

Online shopping

Ecommerce or Internet sales have been one of the main changes that we have had to face as a society. Buying through the Internet from the computer has been a breakthrough, but also in recent years we can make purchases from the smartphone. In the past year 2020, eCommerce grew in Spain by 36%According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, a figure that can be repeated this year 2021. The online buyer is increasingly heterogeneous and companies of all sizes and sectors launch their online stores to try to reach a growing number of customers.

Online Investing

The possibility of investing from the comfort of home through online investment platforms has completely changed the way we generate profits. The emergence of advanced technologies to manage our investments, at any time and place, has facilitated access to investment for small and medium investors.

Now it is possible to analyze statistics from any device, invest in the stock market automatically with Robo Advisors, or operate in the Forex market through advanced tools for online trading such as Metatrader; all this without leaving home and economically. A paradigm shift that has democratized access to investment and whose technological advances have been far-reaching.

Online Procedures With The Administration

Public administrations have also taken giant steps in the use of technology for procedures with citizens. Now any citizen can access the Internet, for example, their income tax returns, their tax data, to renew an unemployment application, apply for scholarships, or to enroll in a public university. Technology has changed the way citizens relate to the administration, simplifying procedures and speeding up times.

Online Communications

Another of the most important changes in technology in our lives has occurred in the field of communication. The use of instant messaging applications or communications via email has caused a drastic reduction in ordinary mail, as well as in telephone calls. Citizens now express themselves through chat messages using images, gifs, and emoticons to accentuate their responses. A change in the way we communicate that even affects the use of language.


One of the great changes in the workplace related to technology is the irruption of teleworking in our lives. A few years ago it seemed unthinkable that office workers could work from home communicating via the Internet without losing an iota of productivity. Now it is a reality that is increasingly present in many companies and a change in the labor market that is increasingly in demand by workers from all kinds of sectors.

Home Automation Or Smart Homes

Another of the changes in the technological field that is going to give the most talk in the coming years is that of home automation or smart homes. The irruption of technology in homes is going to change the way we use appliances, windows, or home security. Now we can give commands by voice to raise and lower blinds, turn lights on and off or receive information from our refrigerator when we need to buy some regular food from the shopping basket. A change that will help us create more comfortable homes.

These are some of the most important changes that technology and its evolution have brought us in recent years. Within a decade there will be other changes, and it is that technology does not stop growing and developing, bringing with it innovations that change people’s lives forever.

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