These are the 10 best anime movies on Netflix

best anime movies

These are the 10 best anime movies on Netflix

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The anime industry has been leaving us with jewelry of all kinds for decades, from weekly anime to large-scale productions. Given that we recently highlighted some of the best anime that could be found on ​​Netflix, this time we will go a step further to continue exploring the platform, but with a somewhat different objective: to find the best anime movies on Netflix.

So, then we leave you with a selection of 10 of the best anime movies to find on Netflix:

Spirited Away

“Spirited Away”, one of the greatest jewels of Japanese cinema – winner of an Oscar award -, must necessarily open this list of best anime films on Netflix. Studio Ghibli’s work takes us on a journey of magic and fantasy led by Rumi, a 10-year-old girl who will live an adventure imaginable only by Hayao Miyazaki, the studio’s most revered figure. For those who by now have not seen a film that will soon be 18 years old since its premiere on Netflix, “Spirited Away” is undoubtedly a must for lovers of Japanese animation.

Howl’s Moving Castle

We continue with Studio Ghibli and also with Hayao Miyazaki – something that will happen several times on this list – to find “Howl’s Moving Castle”, another work full of magic. On this occasion, viewers will live an adventure starring Sophie, who will be the victim of a terrible curse that will turn her into an old woman, thus requiring the help of the curious magician Howl. At the time, “Moving Castle” also had a large number of nominations for renowned awards in the cinema, although without getting that Oscar that marked a before and after for “Spirited Away”. Even so, there are few more recommended anime movies that we can find on Netflix.

Porco Rosso

“Porco Rosso”, again by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, is one of the most light-hearted and sympathetic stories the studio has given us. This feature film tells the story of Porco, a warplane pilot turned into a pig who now avoids the misdeeds of all kinds of pirates. If there is someone looking for a ‘heroic’ adventure through which to spend a pleasant afternoon the animation, touches of humor, and characters from “Porco Rosso” guarantee to provide everything you could wish for and more.

A Silent Voice

Finally, we detach ourselves from Studio Ghibli and the shadow of Hayao Miyazaki to land in the framework of Kyoto Animation. The animation studio, which has a reputation for offering some of the most beautiful finishes in the entire history of Japanese animation, gave ” A Silent Voice ” a heartbreaking tale. “A Silent Voice,” tells a story of bullying, social pressure, and remorse from two characters in particular: Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya. When they were little, Shouya made fun of Shouko, a deaf-mute girl in all sorts of ways. A few years later, the two will meet again in high school, with Shouya now looking to make up for everything he did in the past.

Your Name

” Your Name “, one of the anime films with the greatest impact in the history of the sector, is available on Netflix to turn the hearts of all its potential viewers. Makoto Shinkai found here a jewel-like few others, in which its protagonists, Mitsuha and Taki, will begin to suffer a supernatural phenomenon: exchanging their bodies during the night. Little by little they will try to discover who they are or why they suffer this fate, thus giving rise to a romantic narrative that has already managed to win the love of millions of viewers. One of the most magical stories that Netflix can offer us in its anime catalog.

Princess Mononoke

“Princess Mononoke” is one of the most iconic works of Studio Ghibli, also with several nominations for prestigious awards in the world of cinema. The story starring San and Ashitaka is not one marked only by animation and settings of great beauty, but also by having great social criticism; a very clear message about the damage that humans cause and could cause to nature. Directed again by Hayao Miyazaki, the iconic director presents in “Princess Mononoke” a narrative of constant conflicts in which to be inspired by the work of their most relevant faces. If one has an interest in Studio Ghibli cinema, “Princess Mononoke” is a must-see on the ‘seen’ list.

Perfect blue

” Perfect Blue “, one of the best psychological thrillers that can be found in the entire history of anime. From the hand of director Satoshi Kon, Netflix ‘saw’ in this feature film a story starring Mima Kirigoe, who abandons her ‘idol’ status to become a full-time actress. However, all the illusions derived from this decision will end up taking the form of a nightmare in life for Kirigoe, as the fatigue of the profession, the success of his old group without it, and the presence of a stalker fan who cannot accept the career change Kirigoe will gradually make the protagonist’s mental health begin to wear out. History without a quarter of a category like few others.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

” The Girl Who Jumped Through Time “, directed by Mamoru Hosoda, left us in 2006 with one of the most remarkable science fiction stories in the entire history of anime. As the title reveals, Makoto Konno, a high school student in her final year, suddenly discovers that she possesses the ability to perform time jumps. Logically, the discovery of this power makes Makoto interested in such a particular ability, which will lead him to carry out all kinds of tests. However, Makoto will eventually learn that time flow is not something to be trifled with lightly. Without a doubt, one of the best anime movies on Netflix to enjoy the supernatural over the everyday.


In this list of the best anime movies on Netflix we have come up with many memorable names, but really ” Akira ” is one that very few can come close to. “Akira” is science fiction in its purest form; a work that was a before and after for many in the genre. From motorcycle gangs to fearsome psychic powers as well as conflicts on a world scale. “Akira” also presents many topics to the viewer through which to ramble on great themes in history, such as the origin of life and the evolution of species. Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, “Akira” earned recognition as one of the best movies in anime history, something that Netflix has managed to take advantage of.

My Neighbor Totoro

We end this article the same way we started it: with Studio Ghibli. “My Neighbor Totoro”, by the hand of Hayao Miyazaki, is one of the most sympathetic stories that the animation studio has to offer, and in which we also find one of the most iconic figures in animation: Totoro himself. Thus, this film presents a very simple premise: when they go to live in the country due to their mother’s illness, the sisters Satsuki and Mei meet Totoro, thanks to whom they will live great and magical adventures. An incredibly enjoyable story that will never be a bad option to enjoy on Netflix.

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