Upcoming video game releases throughout the year 2022

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Upcoming video game releases throughout the year 2022

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Do you want to know what is the next video game released in 2022? Here you will find the calendar with the release dates of all the games updated every day so you can know which games have already been released or will be released in 2022.

Click on the name of the game you want to access its file and find out all the related information. When it goes on sale and the starting price, among many other things. Or if you prefer, select the month and year that interests you to find out which games are announced for release on other dates.

God of War PC

Upcoming video game

God of War is Kratos’ return to video games after the original trilogy. This new installment for PlayStation 4, although will maintain several of the indivisible ingredients of its gameplay. I will bet on a new beginning for the character and a Nordic setting. Offers us a more mature and realistic perspective of the mythology of gods and ancient monsters usual in the title series. In God of War, Kratos will be a more seasoned and passive warrior. Since he will have to play the role of the father in a cold and hostile setting. Where he seems to have withdrawn to forget his past from him.

Reset PC

Reset is a game with a first-person perspective where we will have to solve puzzles using our ability to travel through time. Which will allow us to cooperate with ourselves despite being a single-player title. The title is being developed by just two people exclusively for PC and was successfully financed on Indiegogo in a crowdfunding campaign in which they got 71,390 euros of the 65,000 they needed to get the project off the ground.

Pokemon Legends Arceus  Switch

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the new installment of Pokémon for Nintendo Switch developed by GAME FREAK for Nintendo Switch. This role-playing video game will take place in Sinnoh. Will take us to a bygone era of feudal inspiration, betting on the three-dimensional open world and incorporating new capture and combat mechanics that seek to renew the saga forever for the future.

The Waylanders PC

The Waylanders, the new release from Gato Studio, presents itself as a Western RPG that invites players to take on the role of an adventurer on PC. Our protagonist acquires the ability to travel through time so that Celtic mythology will intermingle with a medieval era that fights against magical corruption.

Dying Light 2 PCs

Dying Light 2 is the sequel to the famous title Dying Light. Betting again on first-person action and adventure, adding parkour and impossible jumps to its first-person shooting and combat proposal. Dying Light 2 will take us to a world in which being human survives as best he can against the threat of the undead. Building to great heights, we will embody a character who will make decisions. Survive the ailments of creatures and oppose mercenaries and human enemies.

Dying Light 2 Xbox One PS4 PS5 Xbox Series X/S

Dying Light 2 is an open-world action video game with zombies that is the sequel to Dying Light. One of the most successful tech titles, and that added ingredients such as parkour and frenetic speed to its playable formula. In this second part, set in the same apocalyptic world, we will find more changes and novelties. The title has been designed for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood pc

Werewolf: The Apocalypse is a new action-adventure based on the popular paper-pencil-dice role-playing game of the same name. His story of him will propose we become a Garou. A werewolf warrior who opposes urban civilization and supernatural corruption. So we will have to face all kinds of dangers. Both earthly and supernatural to prevent the apocalypse from being completed. . Its development is the responsibility of the French studio Cyanide Studio.

Edge of Eternity  Xbox One PS4 Xbox Series X/S PS5

Edge of Eternity for Xbox One will be a turn-based RPG based on the Final Fantasy VII combat system. Its setting will combine medieval, space, and steampunk fantasy and the story will be for adults. It will offer us a multitude of characters for our team, as well as a multitude of scenarios to explore to progress in a plot that wants to captivate users.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Xbox Series X/S

The creators of The Witcher immerse us in an open-world RPG for PS4 based on a board game called Cyberpunk 2020. The title is characterized by its complexity and a plot with many options when it comes to gameplay. As in all CD Projekt RED games, decision-making and our steps will determine the future of the game. An action-oriented bet that will try to maintain the foundations and charm of the old board games.

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