Why Customers are Looking for Blue Canopy Tents Outside Stores

Why Customers are Looking for Blue Canopy Tents Outside Stores

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Brick-and-mortar stores are struggling. Months after the COVID19 pandemic, many store owners are struggling to attract shoppers. Competition against eCommerce giants is fierce. Thankfully, some brick-and-mortar retail stores across the country are showing some signs of revival.

eCommerce sales increased by 25.5% in 2020. In 2021, that figure has slipped down to 21.3%. Brick-and-mortar retail store owners must do their best to boost in-store traffic. How can they do that? Marketing! Low-cost marketing tools like canopy tents are helping many storeowners attract customers.

Customers also seem keener to visit stores that have custom canopy tents installed outside. That’s because high-quality canopy tents are eye-catching. They often feature interactive messages that lure customers inside the stores. Here are some other qualities of blue canopy tents that make them so appealing to modern-day customers –

Usable and Visible – All Throughout the Year

Store owners currently have to observe many restrictions when it comes to deploying marketing tools – both online and offline. For instance, local authorities won’t allow store owners to install large billboards in wind-prone areas. The main benefit of custom canopy tents is that they’re usable in all types of weather conditions.

These tents have sturdy aluminum or plastic frames. The frames keep the tents stuck to the ground, even during heavy winds. Customers also receive shelter under these wind and rain-resistant tents. That’s why customers appreciate store owners who install these useful tents outside their stores.

Plus, the fabrics used to make these tents are fade-resistant. They don’t lose their color or appeal, even after years of sunlight damage!

Custom Tents Signify Your Store’s Commitment to the Customers

Many store owners use canopy tents to shelter their products. Smart store owners use larger tents as temporary shelters for their target customers. Install a custom canopy tent in your driveway to offer shelter to target audiences who want to escape the sun. These wind and rain-resistant tents can even offer them shelter from the rain.

If your potential customers use your tents for shelter, they’re likelier to make purchases from your store. These types of interactions with target audiences will also do wonders for your store’s local reputation. Local customers will view your store as an amicable business and hopefully, they’ll reward you with their business!

They Instantly Catch the Eyes of Customers

Contrary to belief, many customers miss brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. They’re always looking for discounts/offers outside stores. Custom canopy tents are tall and visible from long distances. Marketing messages custom-printed on these tents are guaranteed to generate public interest.

Unlike other marketing tools, custom canopy tents are not limited to single locations. Store owners can install these tents in different locations. Install them in locations that are frequented by your target audience members. For instance, if your store sells school supplies, install your branded canopy tents in school districts.

Canopy tents have light, foldable frames. These frames make them easy to transport, install and uninstall. They’re mobile marketing tools that always catch the eyes of target customers. These are the reasons why customers appreciate businesses that use these marketing tools.

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