Tales of Arise: ‘More than an Anime Action Game’ – Available on Next & Last Generation Consoles

Tales of Arise: ‘More than an Anime Action Game’ – Available on Next & Last Generation Consoles

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The year 2021 will see a newcomer in the realm of fighting games, following in the footsteps of Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Z. Tales of Arise is a highly anticipated video game that combines an engaging tale, stunning visuals, and intense action. Gamers can get their consoles ready since this new game is going to make headlines for its creative gameplay.

This next generation action role playing game features a wide variety of characters, a rich world, and an anime-inspired feel. It’s a must-have for every fan of the series.

 Continuation of the Tales of Forte Series

Tales of is a series of episodes from some of the most popular games in the world, after a debut release in 1995, there have been no fewer than 15 subsequent releases. The series was known for its high-quality gameplay and manga-inspired look. There have also been many rip-offs based on popular video games. The Tales of series has been there for more than 25 years, and this latest opus is reaffirming its presence on the market.

Anime games are proving more popular than ever, and more and more gamers are getting interested in the whole genre because these games have brilliant story, visuals, and fantasies, similar to the many TV series and movies. Even other industries and sectors are starting to take advantage and incorporate this anime style within their business, for example, the online casino industry, these options of gaming platforms have anime style games implemented in their slots, jackpot games and even in the games design like the thumbnails etc.

More than a Fighting Game

If you enjoy role-playing games, you won’t be disappointed by Tales of Arise.  The tale takes place in a universe that may be explored in great depth.  As the player progresses through the game’s numerous environments, which are all located in stunning natural settings, they’ll notice how the world around them changes with time. Hill climbing, river swimming, and social gatherings.

The protagonist will make new allies and face tough foes as he travels from town to town, never losing sight of his ultimate goal which is achieving the freedom of the people, the good news is that the Tales Of world has been kept alive owing to the likeable characters.

This game is rated highly by IGN, the anime game has a 9/10 rating, Metacritic has rated this game 87% and this role-playing game is available right now on next generation and last generation consoles.

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